About Catamount

Catamount Lacrosse is dedicated to fostering lifelong understanding and enjoyment of the sport of lacrosse. We offer seasonal programs including development, competition, and guidance with college recruiting.

Bigger is not necessarily better!  Many clubs nowadays are combining with other clubs to become mega-clubs.  This is all well and good for the owners perhaps, but is it best for the players?  Catamount Lacrosse has existed since 1990 and adheres to the philosophy that it is important to know every player and family in the program.  Even though we are small, we have a national reach with players in our program from all over the country!

While we want all our teams to be competitive at events, we feel that winning is secondary to learning.  As we say, “Winning is for the moment, learning is for a lifetime.”  We stress the importance of family and education, believing that when players look at colleges they always need to ask the question “Would I want to be here if I wasn’t playing lacrosse?”.  The goal is for players to get into the best academic college possible, and the only way that happens will be with good grades.  Yes, we want our players to hopefully play in college, but we feel that lacrosse is second to a good education.

As a small club, we are proud of the fact that many of our players do go on to play, but we are just of proud of the players who decide not to play once they get to college.   Once a player becomes a part of our program, we hope that they always will stay connected.  Some continue to play on our adult teams through college and beyond, while others stop playing but remain in touch with how their lives are going – graduate school, weddings, births and adventures they are having from all over the world.  Check out our alum list HERE.  It is lengthy, and it gets worked on as time allows!

If you want personal attention, coaches who care about development, and recognize that while lacrosse can help getting in to college, but isn’t the only thing that will get you in, then the Catamount program could be for you.  If you want honest feedback, coaches who will advocate (appropriately!) for you, and play for the love of the game, we hope you will consider us!



Player Registration Policy

-Catamount Team Membership and an Event Registration form is required to hold an event roster space four or more weeks prior to an event.

-Non-Refundable Deposit of $50 is due 4 weeks prior to event.

-Guest Players are invited to fill any open roster spaces 4 weeks prior to the event.

-Full Event Balances are due 14 Days in advance of event date.

-Full Balance is non-refundable under any circumstances 10 days prior to the event.

-Registered Players who do not pay their deposits or balances by the due date will be moved to a waitlist until the fees are paid. Once paid, the players will be added to the roster provided space is available.

-If 16 or fewer Players register for an event, we reserve the right to cancel & refund the event fee with 14 days notice.

Business Policy

All payments for Catamount Lacrosse programs are non-refundable. If a participant prior to a scheduled program sustains a medical injury or illness and the registered player is unable to participate in the session, appropriate documentation or a doctors’ note is required prior to the event start date. In such cases, Catamount Lacrosse may issue a house credit, which can be used for any family member in any Catamount Lacrosse program. This credit will be valid until the end of calendar year in which it was issued. Credits do not roll over and will not be issued after the program’s end date. Absences and mid-program cancellations will not be credited. Requests to transfer to an alternate program will be honored, space permitting, provided such request is received three weeks in advance of the originally scheduled program. If your request cannot be honored, a house credit will be issued – same conditions as above apply. Weather related cancellations will not be refunded or credited. Catamount will do everything possible to reschedule canceled dates but cannot guarantee they will be made up. No credits will be issued for any other reason.