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This is a list of Catamount Alumni dating back to players who graduated high school in the mid to late 80's. Catamount does not claim that all played in college (though most did), or that Catamount was responsible for them getting into college. This list is to show how proud Catamount is of all the players who passed through the program. These are players who participated on Catamount teams at some point in their careers and were coached by Jeff Coulson, between 1985 - 2021. In 2021, the Catamount program was taken over by Rob Labate, so the Catamount program now continues under his leadership, coaching and direction. This is an ongoing project as we reach out to former players to learn where they are and what they are now doing.
PlayerSchoolPosHigh School YOGCurrent Profession
Drew Altic (MO)Rockhurst UniversityFOM2021Student
Austin Ovletrea (MA)RivierM2021Student
Gavin Thomsen (VT)MiddleburyD2021Student
Bode Rubright (VT)Lake ForestA2021Student
Quinn Berry (VT)BatesD2021Student
Tanner Edson (VT)MarinesLSM2021Marines
Nate Haley (VT)MCLAA2021Student
Logan Leja (MA)Castleton StateD2021Student
Beckett Tasker (MO)DePauw UniversityM2021Student
Charlie Goodrich (CT)RoanokeA2021Student
Ernie Lampron (MA)UMassA2021Student
Justin Fusco (VT)University of VTLSM2021Student
Kai Birtz (NY)M2021Student
Ted Mirenda (VT)HobartA2021Student
Parker Williams (MO)TulaneA2021Student
Christian StallmanUMass AmherstD2021Student
Chase Prez (MA)UMass AmherstG2021Student
Blouin, Aiden (VT)A2021Student
Fred Murray (MA)Holyoke CCM2021Student
Jake DeLisle (MA)M2021Student
Mason Coburn (VT)A2021Student
Griffin Paradee (VT)Mid2021Student
Jaden Wise (MA)M2021Student
Gus Williams (VT)Conn CollegeM2021Student
Malcolm Waynick (MA)M2021Student
Colter McComas (MA)Castleton StateA2021Student
Abby Grimmer (VT)USMM / A2021
David Shea (MA)AICD2021Student
Nathan Powers (MA)Anna MariaFOM2021Student
Andy Tieso (VT)HaverfordG2020Student
Ethan Quinn (MA)Anna MariaA2020Student
Evan Kosheff (MA)Lynn UniversityA2020Student
Cole Filson (MA)Fairfield UniversityLSM2020Student
Joe Rees (MA)ClarksonD2020Student
Owen Hansen (MA)Maine MaritimeA2020Student
Hutton Murdoch (MO)RoanokeM2020Student
Adam Hazeltine (MA)UMass DartmouthM2020Student
Kyle Ingram (MA)UMass Dartmouth D2020Student
Chris Loiselle (VT)Utica CollegeD2020Student
Rioghan O'Toole (NH)UticaA/M2020Student
Matt Talbot (MA)Dean CollegeA2020Student
Zach Cahill (NY)The Sage CollegesA2020Student
Johnny Miceli (VT)IthacaM2020Student
Seamus Pickener (VT)Alfred UniversityM2020Student
Jacob Colson (MA)Norwich UniversityM2020Student
Matt Sitnik (CT)University of VTLSM2020Student
Sam Payne (ME)SNHUM2020Student
Jay Mahoney (MA)M2020Student
John Wright (NH)WagnerG2019Student
Ned Wright (MA)SkidmoreG2019Student
Ronan Gallagher (CA)KenyonM2019Student
Chris Leander (MA)Aurora UniversityFOM2019Student
Austin Russell (CT)MarinesM2019US Marines
Quinn Mulcahy (MA)WheatonLSM2019Student
Landon Larochelle (MA)AICM2019Student
Liam McNeil (VT)ClarksonD2019Student
Gavin Girardian (MA)NazarethM2019Student
Matt Kleckowsi (VT)WentworthM2019Student
Nick Porter (VT)RPID2019Student
Dayton Kozlowski (MA)WheatonM2019Student
Dimitris Son (MA)Eastern CT State UnivA2019Student
Jackson Whitlock (MA)LemoyneA2019Student
Dom Valera (MA)Endicott CollegeM2019Student
Dart Jaggi (MA)Full Sail UniversityA2019Student
Turner Carlson (MO)UVAA2019Student
Trevor Matot (VT)University of NEM2019Student
Patrick Flynn (MA)BryantM2019Student
Mick Ginnity (MA)Centre CollegeA2019Student
Dawson Nalette (VT)Castleton StateA2019Student
Andrew Boyer (MA)AICM2019Student
Tyan Hayford (VT)Virginia WesleyanLSM2019Student
Hutton Murdoch (MO)RoanokeM2019Student
Tim Lynch (CT)BentleyA2019Student
Rachel Burke (MA)St. LawrenceD / M2019Student
Michael Janocha (MA)St. Joseph's (ME)G2018Student
Brody Leinson (MA)Ohio WesleyanM2018Student
Hutson Williams (MO)Richmond UniversityM2018Student
Callie O'Neil (NH)St. Lawrence UniversityM2018Student
Rob Beattie (VT)University of VTD2018Student
Shamus Sullivan (MA)St. Michael'sA2018Student
Malia Macdonald (MA)St. Lawrence UniversityM2018Student
Libby Gorske (NH)MessiahM2018Student
Willy Wright (MA)IthacaA2018Student
Mark Tharion (MA)Bridgewater StateD2018Student
Sal Amaral (MA)American International CollegeA2018Student
Spencer Hokanson (VT)University of NEM2018Student
Mitchell StechmannUnionA2018Student
Colin Dickinson (VT)Emmanuel (MA)A2018Student
Seth Bowman (VT)St. Michael'sM2018Student
Collin Johnson (VT)Castleton State - CaptainM2018Student
Owen Politis (MA)New England CollegeM2018Student
Brody Snow (VT)Castleton StateM2018Student
Rowan Mahoney (VT)UVMA2018Student
Jared Miglorie (VT)NazarethM2018Student
Sophia Schaeffer (MA)BowdoinCM2018Student
Marcin Maleski (NH)LIU PostA2018Student
Jacob Schultz (MA)ClarksonG2018Student
Joe Lelli (MA)AssumptionD2018Student
Stephen Stratton (MA) American International CollegeM2018Student
Nick Dorain (VT)Alvernia UnivcersityA2018Student
Alex Medeiros (CT)University of NEG2018Student
Brayden Wilkins (VT)ClarksonA2018Student
Dom Derderian (VT)Mass MaritimeD2018Student
Lee Borrell (MA)CornellD2018Student
Patrick Burke (NC)BabsonLSM/D2018Student
Avery Houston (NH)NortheasternM2018Student
Jenna Paszek (MA)UnionG2018Student
Rob Beattie (VT)UVMD2018Software Engineer
Phillip MartinoWentworthG2017Student
Aidan Reilly (VT)Ohio Wesleyan M2017Student
Thomas Astle (MA)Nichols CollegeM2017Student
Kyle Bazonski (MA)University of VTD2017Student
Jacob Wechsler (VT)Roger WilliamsD2017Project Engineer at O'Leary & Burke
Sean KelleyUMassG2017Student
Zach Isham (MA)Salem StateG2017Student
Parker Reilly (MA)New England CollegeM/A2017Student
Aidan Bass (MA)University of VTA2017Student
Connor Switzer (PA)Penn St. HarrisburgG2017Student
Declan Lonergan (VT)SNHUD2017Student
Jack Gagnon (VT)Norwich UniversityA2017Student
Kyle LeBeau (VT)EmmanuelM2017Student
Matthew Fort (MO)Southern MethodistM2017Major Applied Physiology & Sports Management
Thomas Carman-Berle (MA)OberlinM2017Student
Nathaniel Tyler (VT)Roger WilliamsM2017Student
Griffin Jasin (MO)NicholsG2017Student
Liam Kelly (MA)Mt. IdaM2017Student
Matthew Lucke (VT)UNC - CharlotteD2017Student
James DiLilla (NH)UnionM2017Student
Cam Slenker (VT)RITA2017Student
Chris Dorain (VT)Bridgeton AcademyG2017Construction / Excavation
Sam Ohotnicky (MA)Skidmore (Capt)D2017Student
Matt Channell (MA)BentleyM2017Student
Shamus Sullivan (MA)St. Michael's CollegeA/M2017Student
Jackson Thibodeau (VT)UnionG2017Student
James Dilalla (PA)UnionM2017Student
Cam Menard (MA)AICM / D2017Graduate Student Occupational Therapy
Jacob Ranttila (VT)Bethany CollegeA2017Student
Tommy Hood (CA)Centre CollegeLSM2016Student
Xavier Hillman (MA)UMass DartmouthD2016Client Service Rep at Dirats Lab
Cal Filson (MA)Oberlin (Capt)G2016Student
Trevor Daigle (NH)WNEUD2016Student
Ryan Wall (MA)HamiltonD2016Student
Luke Vitale (CT)Potsdam (Capt)FOM2016Going for Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Delaney Corrigan Capt (MA)KenyonD2016Econ & Psychology Majors
Matt Quinlan (NH)AIC (Capt)A2016Student
Matt Huggett (MA)Springfield CollegeA2016Student
Marley Heimert (VT)Univ of VermontA2016Student
Sean Smith (CA)Connecticut CollegeA2016Student
Elliot Pressman (ME)Clark UniversityFOM2016Student
Bryce WallSkidmoreG2016Student
Tyler Bernstein (MO)Vanderbilt UniversityA2016Student
Will Haslett (MA)Colorado CollegeD2016Student
Jake Bookspan (NH)UNHM2016Student
Kyle Luzzi-DundonCG Spectrum Coll of Digital Art & AnimationM2016Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist
Dylan Janovic (CT)Wheaton (Capt)D2016Student
Fiona D'AmbrosiaFindlayD2016Student
Michael McCormack (MA)MiddleburyA2015Student
Luke Townsend (CT)DeanD2015Student
Sam Shearin (NH)LehighM2015Environ. Remediation Engineer at ENTACT
Zane Smallidge (CT)Springfield CollegeM2015Student
Conor Dougherty (NH)TradesM2015Paradigm Heating & Plumbing - NH
Brendan Sinko (CT)ClarksonD2015Student
Jason Theriault (MA)WNEUD2015Student
Kevin Gross (MA)DartmouthM2015Solarflect Energy
Cougar KirbyAlbanyA2015Student
Gabe Luciani (NH)Franklin PierceA2015Student
Chase Wright (VT)LibertyM2015Student
Matt HoganWilliams CollegeLSM2015Advertising NYC
Elliott Shevitz (MO)Ursinus G2015Student
Gabby Schwalm (MA)Coastal CarolinaM2015Student
Alex Zadworney (MA)University of NE (Capt)A2015Applied Exercise Sci
August Coburn (NH)Ithaca & RWUG2015Event Planning
Andrew Brown (NH)AICA2015
Frank Taylor (NH)St. Anselm'sD2015Avid Measurement Systems NH
Emily Allcroft (MA)Gordon CollegeA2014
Jimmy Heaney (NH)Queens M2014Student
Matt Winchester (NH)TuftsG2014
Corey Papineau (MA)American International CollegeA/M2014Student
Ryan Lynch (CT) WesleyanA/M2014Consultant at VTS Manhattan
John Borchert (NH)Conn CollegeA/M2014Student
Chris Wetzel (MO)Colgate UniversityM2014
Shawndel Evans (CT) ThielM2014Student
Paul Accorsi SNHU A2014Billing Accountant Greater Sprfld Senior Services
Marty Weathers (GA)GA Southern UnivD2014Acc't Manager
Sean Donnelly RPIA2014Student
John Sutherland (MA)OberlinA2014Student
Chris Anderson (MA)Beloit (Capt)D2014Student
Amanda Frank (MA)AssumptionM / D2014Student
Chris Washington (NH)WilliamsG2014Student
Brad Chapdelaine (NH)FPU A/M2014Student
Luke Leyden (MA)Ohio Wesleyan (capt)M2014
Joe Cillo (OH) Seton Hill D2014Student
Carson Barcome (NH)Westfield StateD2014Major - Public Relations & Journalism
Jared Lucas (NH)QueensA/M2014Student
Frank Kochanowski (MA)A2014Owns Landscape Business
Eric Heidenrich (MO)Lake Forest (Capt)A / M2014 Account Manager, Aerotek Chicago
Sam Siegel (VT) CastletonA2014Student
Chris Mclaughlin (CT) WilliamsM2014Student
Mitchell Andres (CT)DickinsonA2014Stack Overflow Sales Rep NYC
Thomas Whiting (MA)UMass BostonMid2014Student
Carson Barcome (NH)D2014
Cougar Kirby (CN)AlbanyA2014
Corey Tower (MA)A2014
Jordan Bein (MA)Keene State CollegeD2014
Anthony Vellante (MA)Becker CollegeD2014Installer at Audio Magnolia Video
Josh Frielich (MA)UnionA2013`
Connor MacGregor Florida Southern
AJ Arnold (MA)TampaG2013
Ryan Wilson (MA) SUNY Plattsburgh A2013
Connor Holbrook Bentley College D2013
Josh Daigle (MA) Norwich UniversityM2013Architect in Boston
Jon Berry (NH)Mount Ida M2013Surgical Sales Rep at Arthex
Tajh RussellKeene StateM2013Officer Training USAF
Rick Kronenwett (MA)Nazareth G2013Designer
Rishi SinghClark UniversityM2013
Bryan Rotatori (MA)Keene State A2013
Jurien Garrison (ME)Keene StateA2013Medical Recruiter (NY); volunteer coach
Patrick Shine Bentley College D2013Sales Manager at Dell
Austin Duhaime Salem State M2013
Austin Nadeau St. Lawrence University A2013
Brett McCormack St. Lawrence University M2013
Isaac Bass (MA)Clark UniversityM2013
AJ Arnold (MA) TampaG2013
Chris PrayKeene State M2013
Nick Johnson (MA) Clark
Kevin Papineau (MA) American International CollegeA2013
Ed Doton (VT)CastletonD2013
Jack Humsey UNED2013
Luke Dunn (MA)Clark to FL State UnivM2013Realtor
Liam Gillis (MA) EmmanuelM2013Manager Mechanic Shop
Hunter Schmell MerrimackA2013
Dan Gould (MA)Aurora CollegeLSM2013
Alex StokowskiM2013
Ryan Leclair (MA) Franklin Pierce M2013
Joey Mizhir (MA) CentreD2013
Hunter Burdick NazarethA2013Acct Manager NEXT! ad agency
Ryan LeClair (MA)Franklin Pierce UnivFOM2013Student
Hayden HoelscherLSM/Def2013
Sawyer Coleman Stevens Tech A2013Professional Services Consultant Gresham Tech
Alex Schott (MO) MissouriD2013
Tyler ReillyKeene State M2013
John Wheeler (ME)Bentley (Capt)A2013
Jeff Lukasevicz (MA)Univ of South CarolinaLSM2013
Krissy Pessa (MA)Worcester StateG2013
Luke Allen American International CollegeLSM2013
William Brown GordonD2013
Pat Lucas (MA)Umass Dartmouth A2013
John Magliano (NH) American International CollegeA2013
Chris Uhl (MA)Florida State UnivM2013Works for Dallas Cowboys
Joe Cillo (OH)Seton Hill (Academic All American)D - All American2013Graduate Ass't Coach Lake Erie College
Max Ouiment (MA)Ohio WesleyanG2013Creative Dir. at No Slip
Bass Barfield (TX)G2013
Brendan Barry (MA)Syracuse UniversityD2013Computer Engineer Fidelity (RI)
Dan Radel (MA)Fairfield UniversityG2013Software Sales NYC
Ryan Baxendale (MA)UMassM2013
Courtney Nivala (MA)SNHUA2013Business Rep at 1st American Insurance
Chase Crean (MA)M2013FX Institutional Sales NatWest Markets
Sawyer Coleman (MA)Stevens TechM2013
Jesse Brown (NH)A2013
Matthew Duane (MA)A/M2013
Nick Abbott (MA)Keene State CollegeD2013Apprentice I.B.E.W. Local 42
Aidan Fox (MA)Boston CollegeD2013Associate at Antares Capital LP
James Washington (NH)HaverfordG2012Humanities HS teacher, coach
Chandler Millstone (MO)Colgate UniversityM2012
Taylor Carter (NH) PiedmontA2012
Ryan Brigham (NH)St. Lawrence University M2012Tech Target Boston
Chris Curtis (MA) Emmanuel (Capt)A2012Portfolio Associate at Hyperplane Venture Capital
Mike Lavery NorwichM2012
Bass Barfield (TX)JacksonvilleG2012Marketing Intern
Brian Boucher (MA)Keene StateA2012
Charles Greene-Cramer Western CT
Bo Prozinski Umass Dartmouth A2012
Paul Anderson (MA)Ohio WesleyanD2012Teaching Eng in China
Josh Gagnon (MA) American International CollegeD2012
Tim Towler Merrimack M2012
John Dusel (MA) UNEG2012Ass't Conditioning Coach Atlanta Hawks
Luke Caney (MA)US MarinesM2012US Marines
Brendan Boss (MA)Springfield College A/M2012Graduate School
Nick Fedor ElonM2012
Mike Murphy (MA)TrinityM2012
Ron Hamwey Grand Canyon M2012
Tim Hanlon (PA) Western CT
Alex Lucas (MA) Umass Dartmouth A/M2012Sales Rep - Paycom
Drew Laird (VT)Mc Gill UniversityA2012
Dan Harvey (MA)LoyolaG2012
Zach Drolette Umass Dartmouth M2012
Michael Markevich Mount Ida M2012
Dillon Tiner (VT)HarvardM2012
Patrick Cook (VT)FO / M2012
Bill Bazyk (VT)MarinesA2012Marines
Trey YadonRITA2012Program Manager - Windows
Julia Morneau (MA)WheatonM2012
Derek McMaster (MA)D2012
Jon Blaisdell (ME)Bentley (Capt)A2012Retirement Plan Specialist at HUB
Katie Cavanaugh (MA)WilliamsC / M2012
AJ BoydSacred HeartG2012Accounting
Luke Dunn (MA)FL State UniversityM2012Real Estate
Erin DeLucca (CT)RPIC2012
Tucker Taney (GA)Kennesaw StateA2012Cobb County Police Academy
Mark DuaneM2012
William Kruse (RI)BentleyM2012Associate at Goldman Sachs
Duva, David (MA)Roger WilliamsM2012Constituent Services Aide to Governor
Andrew Kimball (VT)A2012
Kyle Haghighi (MA)A2012
Tori Gray (MA) A 2012
Frank Taylor (ME)St. Anselm'sD2011
Sam Morgan (NH)GoucherAtt2011
Morgan Tullar (NH)Central CT State Univ G2011Ass't Dir. Fitness/Wellness Providence College
Bobby Spano (MA)AICM2011Accountant
Sam Polas (VT)Castleton StateG2011Ass't College Coach
Cody Eastburn (PA)Monclair StateM2011
Aaron Boss (NH)Plymouth StateM2011Corp. Acct Exec at LogMein
Patrick Jordan (VT)Washington CollegeD2011Real Estate Advisor Tenant Agency DC
Gerard Yost (NJ)DrexelD2011Engineer
Matt Sapp (IL)Ohio WesleyanFOM2011
Kevin Seery (MA)WCSUG2011Nat'l Guard Medic
Josh Gagnon (MA)AICD2011
Patrick McMullan (PA)RITM2011UConn MD/PhD Program
Josh Smith (MA)Coker CollegeM2011Ass't College Coach
Sam Hurster (MO)Brown (Capt)A2011Financial
Thomas Deane (MO)Guilford (Capt)G2011Teacher / Coach
Dylan LynchWentworthM2011
Matt Biggs (MA)AICM2011Nashoba HS Coach
Jack Baker (MA)AssumptionM2011
Melissa Gfella (VT)US Naval AcademyM2011US Navy
Brian Kelly (MA)St. Anselm'sA2011Law Student WNEU
Drew Simoneau (VT)Nazareth (Capt)FOM2011PhD Physical Therapy
Eric Miller (MA)US Army - RangersD2011Security Guard
Matt Latvis (VT)A2011
Merrill Charette (MA)RhodesA2011Sales Rep Summit Solar
Quinn Nolan (NH)Plymouth StateA2011Cross Insurance, Manchester NH
Taylor Sharon (MA)EndicottD2011
Jordan Baillargeon (MA)Franklin PierceM2011
Mike VanSickle (NH)Birmingham SouthernA2011
Graham Sacks (MA)A2011
Tim Shottes (NH)D / LSM2011
Joshua Diioro (MA)UMass LowellG2011Raytheon - Engineer
Ben Traub (MA)UConnD2011JP Morgan (Boston)
Courtney Aquadro (MA)Hobart William SmithD2011
Mike Bane (MA)Nichols CollegeM2011
Jonathan Barker (NH)Goal2011
George Bell (MA)SewaneeD2011
Tim Beriau (MA)LasellA2011Living in Australia
Joel Berger (ME)EmmanuelA2011Clinical Lead Eliot Community Human Services
Matt Bartlett (NH)D2011
Matt Jarvis (MA)GCCD2011
Kurtis Fotheringham (MA)Daniel WebsterA2011
Nick Mazzola (MA)Univ of MarylandD2011Pharmacist
Mastrogiovanni, Ben (NH)AssumptionM2011Regional Acc't Exec The Davis Companies
Matt Jarvis (CT)D2011
Mitchell Dorain (VT)D2011
Kyle Billings (MA)Berklee College of MusicA2011Dir. Product Design
Brenton Croteau (MA)Chapman UniversityD2011Assoc. Pathway Capital Management
Blake Burkhart (CA)LoyolaLSM, FOM2011
Connor Burdick (MA)MuhlenbergA2011
Max Bosworth (NH)Work ForceM2011Modeling Career
Joel Berger (ME)EmmanuelM2011Case Manager Eliot Community Human Services
Mary-Ashley Donelan (MA)Salve ReginaD2011Sales Management at Metals USA
Alexander Fallek (TX)Marywood UniversityM2011Financial Consultant Fidelity
Matt Doucette (MA)A2011
Jason Kelley (CT)ElizabethtownD2011Key Acc't Mgr at Hartley & Parker NYC
Kevin Kahler (NH)High PointD2011ICU Nurse Louisville KY
Michaela Brady (MA)BatesM2010VP Silicon Valley Bank
Mackenzie Heimert (VT)Keene StateM2010
Andy Budz (MA)St. Anselm'sM2010Tech Company Boston
Rob Murray (MA)Univ of Southern NHM2010Assistant Coach Emmanuel College
Dannie GryszkoAIC (Capt)D2010
Jared Boudreau (VT)DrexelA2010Medical Field
Stephen Ferro (MA)Mass Maritime (Capt)D2010Environmental Consultant
Grace Ahrensdorf (MA)EndicottM2010Elem Ed
Marty Weathers (GA)GA TechD2010
Dave Perry (NH)Ohio WesleyanM2010
Cooper Magoon (MA)St. John's UniversityD2010
Cameron Hatch (CT)A2010
Dan Zenevich (MA)Univ of HartfordG2010
Devlin Rutherford (VT)RoanokeM2010
Max AbbottUnionD2010
Maddie BasileMerrimackM2010
Mia BasileMerrimackM2010
Tori DamatoMerrimack A2010
Jay Houle (MA)Eastern CT State UnivG2010
Nick Elwell (MA)Keene StateA2010
Noelle CebronSt. Michael'sA2010
Anne Marie VitchersSUNY CortlandA2010
Kayla Sibilia (MA)LasellM2010
Laurine StafinSacred HeartM2010
Will Rowe (GA)GuilfordM2010
Jesse Kutz (MA)Plymouth State (Capt)G2010IDI Claims Specialist FL
Tyler Hunt (MA)UMass Isenberg School of ManagementA2010Sr. Associate Siegfried Group
Jeff Massicotte (MA)BentleyD2010
Jason Kelley (CT)D2010
Nick Kozma (ME)BentleyD2010Sr.Finance Assoc at Bain Capital
Ian Flick (NH)Rollins CollegeG2010
Josh Torrey (NH)Utica CollegeD2010
Stafursky, Jeff (NH)MarinesD2010
Sean Mackey (MA)Conn CollegeG2010LPL Financial
Ben Traub (MA)UConnD2010Fund Accounting Analyst JP Morgan
Brittany Jaillet (MA)Slippery Rock & NortheasternA 2010Registered Nurse
Britney Wuorio (MA)Lasell UniversityD2010Teacher
Connor Smith (TX)Southwestern UnivFOM2010
Kyle Brodeur (MA)AICM2010
Steve Ferro (MA)Mass Maritime (Capt)A2010Environmental Eng.
Owen Cutting (MA)Mt. IdaG2010Law Enforcement
Sarah Clark (VT)Castleton StateM2010
Michaela Brady (MA)Bates CollegeM2010VP Capital FInance London
Thomas Deane (MO)Guilford CollegeG2010Sub. Teacher at MICDS (MO)
Megan Doane (NH)Coastal Carolina UnivM2010Program Dir. Brain Balance Naples FL
Mark Hojnoski (MA)Mt. St. Mary'sA/M2010Business Dev. Exec at Insight Investments
Mitchell Dorain (VT)Work ForceD2010Construction
Eric Galenis (MA)LemoyneD2010
Michael Grace (MA)ClarksonD2010
Kate Goldstein (MA)McDanielG2010Ass't College Coach at Villanova
Jaime Vavrek (CT)Ohio WesleyanM2009Financial
Chris Ostrowski (PA)Ohio Wesleyan (Capt)M2009Actor
Mike Saccomani (MA)WNEUG2009Teaching & coaching Crossfit
Christian Beitel (CT)DickinsonA2009Teaching in Spain
Carder Nastri (CA)Univ. Southern CA(Capt)G2009Film
Luke Kochanowski (MA)ProvidenceD2009Owner Farm
Kevin Frank (CT)Roger WilliamsD2009Clinical Sales Manager @ Intellijoint Surgical
Ian Jones (MA)MuhlenburgM2009Working on MBA
Matt Cohen (CT)TrinityM2009Pharmaceuticals
Matt Tower (MA)Drew UniversityD2009Enterprise Acct Exec at Automated Insights
Brendan Shearin (NH)ClarksonM2009Engineer
Steve Delahanty (MA)Nichols College (Capt)A2009
Connor Reagan (CT)MerrimackG2009
Devlin Rutherford (VT)RoanokeM2009
Dan Williams (CT)BowdoinM2009
Brenden Eller (CT)M2009
Cory Simmonds (VT)M/A2009
Tom Tuttle (NH)M/A2009
David Rothenberg (PA)A2009
Clarence Cheung (CT)G2009
Connor Nolan (NH)UNHG2009
John Leddy (MA)G2009
Chris Herr (MA)D2009
Sean Campbell (NY)Oneonta StateD2009Financial
Thomas Andrews (VT)D2009
Chris Herr (MA)D2009
Andrew McLain (MA)UnionD2009Film Producer in NY
Brian Sowyrda (MA)SusquehannaD2009
Rob Gruber (RI)M2009GM at LA Fitness (RI)
Clarence Cheung (CT)UConnG2009Assoc. at Fortress Investment NY
Kevin Canavan (CT)UConn (Captain)A2009Reg.Dir.at KOW Building Consultants
Sean Campbell (NY)HartwickD2009Shore Funding Solutions NY
Jared Boudreau (VT)DrexelA2009Physical Therapist VT
Shawn Donovan (MA)NicholsA2009
John Hojnoski (MA)Mass MaritimeM2009
Eddie Johnston (CT)A2009
Lauren Tower (MA)M2009
David Goscinak (MA)George Washington UM2009National Accts Manager Athletic Brewing Company
John Grimaldi (CT)SUNY CortlandLSM2009
Rob Gruber (RI)Florida SouthernM/A2009
Brad Begin (CT)BentleyM2008Financial
Dave Morneau (MA)D2008
Ryan Dintaman (MA)Franklin PierceM2008TJX Co, Supply Chain Investigations
Matt Pearce (GA)Vassar (Capt)M2008Doctor - Pediatrics
Kyle Elithorpe (VT)RITA2008Surveyor / engineer
John Carlson (MA)Ohio WesleyanM2008Director of Westend Advisors CA
Chris Johnson (MA)Clark UniversityM2008Sports Director Amherst Leisure Services
Lance RobinsonBellarmineA2008
Eric Jones (CT)AlverniaG2008Time Warner
Shea Campbell (NY)Franklin PierceG2008
Will Mahoney (CT)Union (Capt)M2008Dir of Business Dev at 5 Lives, NY
Joe Banno (CT)Haverford (Capt)G2008Teacher
Jason Szabo (MO)WCSUA2008Finance
Glen Gerbush (NY)Williams CollegeG2008
Jon Elia (CT)LasellA2008Behavior Health Tech Manager Avenues Recovery
Scott Kessler (MA)University of HartfordD2008HR & Talent Aquisition
Eric Jones (CT)AlverniaG2008
Chris Haynes (MA)Eastern CT State UnivM2008
Mike Curren (MA)AssumptionM2008
Sam Bailey (VT)Castleton StateA2008
Chad Wrisley (MA)WheatonM2008
Alex Welch (MA)A2008
Steve Sullivan (MA)M2008
Justin Fortier (CT)HendrixM2008
Stirling Cobb (VT)M2008
Chris Barrand (MA)Colby CollegeM2008
Mike Desir (MA)AICM2008
Kyle Bainton (MA)M/A2008
Mike Haynes (MA)A2008
Zachary Varga (CT)A2008
Chris Taylor (MA)A2008
Mike McLellan (CT)AssumptionD2008
Hogan Sennett (VT)University of VTD2008
Kevin Pelsinski (NH)UMass DartmouthG2008
Steven Kahler (MA)Ithaca CollegeG2008PA Emergency Mt. Sinai Hospital NYC
Grant Bolsta (VT)D2008Catamount Coach
Taylor Ryan (VT)D2008
Steve Dion (CT)St. Anselm'sD2008Solutions Talent Mgr at Beacon Hill Staffing Group
Chris Riccio (NY)WagnerD2008
Andrew Singer (NY)D2008
Ryan Adams (VT)A2008
Austin Ray (MA)RPIA2008
Kyle BiancardiEastern CT State UnivA / M2008Regional Manager - Magni Telescope
Dave Morneau (MA)Colby CollegeD2008Senior Actuarial Analyst
Mike Curren (MA)AssumptionM2008
Douglas, Alexander (NY)HaverfordD2008MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School
Michael Desir (MA)AICM2008
Steve Kahler (MA)DrewG2008
Chris Taylor (MA)HendrixA2008Unknown
Shea Campbell (NY)Franklin PierceG2007Sales
Chelsea Charette (MA)UnionA2007VP WEDGE Capital Management
Ian Moulton (MA)AICD2007Teacher
Erik Elmquist (OR)Savannah College of Art & DesignLSM2007
Scott Regnery (MA)Ohio WesleyanD2007
Tim Beriau (MA)LasellA2007Account Exec Commercial ANZ
Zach D'Agnostino (MA)EmersonM/A2007
Matthew MorrisseyUniversity of VTA2007
Melissa Hine (MA)UnionA2007
Ted Hanna (MA)G2007Airport Manager at Westover Metropolitan Airport
Brian Kickham (MA)Boston CollegeD2007CEO Northeast Security, Boston
Jake Aaron (CT)Sacred HeartA2007
Daggett Morse (MA)HartwickM2007Teacher / Coach
Brendan Vaughan (MA)Salve ReginaG2007
Chandler Rudert (MA)D2007
Jordan Baillargeon (MA)A2007
Jesse Viamari (MA)MaristD2007
Mark Taylor (VT)UNKNOWNA2007
Jeremy Cogliano (MA)Eastern CT State UnivA2007
Gunner Tuttle (VT)Roger WilliamsG2007Asst Project Mgr at Vms Construction
Rudert, Chandler (MA)Clarkson UniversityD2007UNKNOWN
Kyle Sminkey (VT)Univ of VTM2006Athletic Director
Stephanie SlebodaSpringfield CollegeM2006
Calvin Todd (NH)College of WoosterG2006Medic US Army, Furniture Builder
Edison Parzenese (MA)Holy CrossM2006
Chaz Narwicz (PA)Ohio WesleyanM2006
Michaela McManus (MA)Univ of New HavenM2006Forensics
Jack Hall (MA)Ohio WesleyanD2006
Courtney Mooney (MA)Central CT State UnivM2006
Matt Stone (VT)Mt. St. Mary'sA2006Teacher
Andrew OgleveeOhio WesleyanD2006
Earl Ross (VT)Penn StateLSM2006Rep at TransMerit Merchant Services
Chris Poston (NH)WidenerA2006
Mackenzie Maclay (MA)AssumptionM2006
James Brady (MA)Colby (Capt)D2006PhD Chemistry
Tim Hadley (NH)Plymouth State (Capt)M2006
Bailey Tuthill (VT)QuinnipiacA2006Teacher, Coach
Matt Johansmeyer (MA)Plymouth StateM2006HS Teacher / Coach
Taylor Morono (NH)Clark UniversityD2006
Ally Baird (MA)A2006
Mark Goodrich (MA)Johns HopkinsM2006Director 3d Lax
Kerry Bisaccio (NH)ElonA2006PT Medical
Mike Bonanza (NY)SUNY MaritimeM2006Maritime
Jessica Viamari (MA)Marist CollegeD2005
Matt Herrold (MA)Merrimack College2005
Zach Smith (VT)Sacred HeartFOM2005Accountant for Sam Adams
Alice Lee (MA)Central CT ST Univ (Capt)G2005Williams College Head Coach
Carly Carey (MA)College of WoosterM2005
Jay Larmon (NH)Colby CollegeD2005
Dan Leyden (MA)University of NEA2005Entreprenuer
Ben McBeth (VT)McGill University (CN)A2005
Debbie Rothenberg (PA)Central CT State UnivD2005Lawyer
Mike Gerbush (NY)Williams CollegeG2005
Michaela McManus (MA)St. Anselm'sA2005
Matt Douglas (NY)Union CollegeM2005
Samantha HallowellHoly CrossM2005
Bobby Labadini (MA)ProvidenceM2005
Tristan Petricca (MA)Assumption CollegeD2005
Heather Dobson (MA)Springfield CollegeA2005Special Ed Teacher K-4
Mike Howell (MA)Mount IdaM2005
Zac Feury (MA)A2005
Dave Beriau (MA)Elmira - (Capt)A2005Software Company
John Tunney (MA)ProvidenceD2005
Caitlin Mooney (MA)AICA2004
Chloe Dee (MA)St. Mary's College of CAA2004Fitness Specialist Univ of Seattle
Bryan Johansmeyer (MA)Stony BrookM2004Gould Academy Lax coach & Admissions
Jay Small (MA)UMassD2004Senior Engineer at National Grid
Ashleigh Szawlowski (MA)UMass A2004
PJ Hendrick (MA)Denison M2004
Mike Hadley (NH)RoanokeM2004
Aaron Mead (MA)St. LawrenceA2004Lead Estimator, BluRoc LLC
Kate Warner (MA)M2004
Amanda Hurley (MA)VanderbiltD2004
Andy Camposeo (MA)Williams CollegeA2004Investment Banking VP at Wells Fargo
Dane Eitel (BC)BellarmineA2004Pres. & CEO at EItel Insights
Matt Deren (MA)YaleM2003Orthopedic Surgeon
Rush Hawkins (MA)UMassD2003Nat. Competition Mgr for UVEX at Fischer Sports
Lindsay SimmonsUniv of PittsburghD2003
Jenna Faiola (MA)Eastern CT State UnivM2003
Greg Bennett (MA)IthacaD2003
Joe Denham (MA)M2003
Micah Hawes-Sivitz (MA)SkidmoreA2003Product Design Manager Dropbox NYC
Danielle Crystal (MA)WesleyanM/A2003Sr Manager Membership Philanthropy NW
Matt Vekasy (NH)Bryant UniversityD2002Digital Advertising Specialist Stonehill
Mark Ross (ME)University of HartfordA2002Banking / Financial
Peter Leyden (MA)University of NH / HarvardD2002Assoc Director, Support Services Harvard
Kyle Morin (NH)GeorgetownM2002Living in Rye NH
Megan Baldwin (CT)NorthwesternD2002
Tricia Bell (CT)UNHCM2002
Jeff McKee (MA)UMassA2002Project Manager Tech Company MA
Brendan Bellefeuille (MA)SkidmoreA (North/South Game)2001Reg.Dir. Sales Algorithmia
Chris Camposeo (MA)BatesM2001
Dan Edson (MA)UVMM2001Environmental Specialist
Wesley DeSotle (MA)Entered Service - USCGD2000US Coast Guard
Rick Knightly (MA)ProvidenceM2000
Jesse Porter-Henry (MA)Colorado CollegeA2000Education / Principal
Chris Cimini (MA)Nazareth (Capt)D2000CFO Buckingham Properties
Bill McRae (MA)MarinesA2000Financial Advisor
Kate Riva (MA)YaleCenter2000
Jim Martineau (MA)A2000Landlord / carpenter
Eric Desbien (MA)UMassM2000Grounds Crew UMass
Matty Demaine (MA)DartmouthD1999Deceased
Eric Desbien (MA)UMassM1999Grounds - UMass
Jonas Jeswald (MA)Skidmore (capt)A1998Head of MS Germantown Acad
Jon Coffin (MA)Sacred HeartD1998Medical Equip Sales
Sorrel Coulson (MA)Ohio WesleyanM1998VP Mercury Printing
Matt Lonergan (MA)G1998Semi-Driver
Brandon Sayer (MA)Coast GuardM1998Machinist Kennametal
Eli Cohen (MA)George WashingtonM1998Professor
Eric Dorman (MA)UMassA1998Tax Manager at Eaton Vance
Jake Weinstein (MA)HaverfordD1998
John Martineau (MA)M1998Carpenter
Kevin Shepard (MA)Metropolitan State U of DenverM1997Probation Officer
Matt Sheridan (MA)UMassM1997Financial Dept (bank)
Joe Ruggeri (MA)UMassA1997Owns Real Estate Agency
Daren Melnik (MA)Went into BusinessD1996Owns trucking company
Jeff Neill (MA)BowdoinA1996Teacher, college counseler
Sayre Anthony (MA)A1996Motorcycle Shop Owner
Adam Wiedmann (MA)Lewis & Clark D1996Artist / Sculptor
Dave Pillsbury (MA)Bates (capt)G1996Teacher / Coach
Tim Petrin (MA)M1996Master Electrician
Juan Pablo-Mas (MA)UMassD1996Partner Action Potential Venure Capital
Micah Brownstein (MA)Ohio WesleyanM1996Deputy Head of Olney Friends School OH
Philip Dorman (MA)UMassD1996VP Boston Properties Leasing
Jamie Coffin (MA)Salem State & SimmonsM1995Nurse Practitioner
Nick Smith (MA)Alfred UniversityD1995
Eli Cohen George WashingtonM/A1995University Professor
Colin Bathory (MA)Haverford (capt)M1995Sales
Dylan Cutler (MA)MiddleburyA1995
Eric Waldren (MA)M1995Linesman (NC)
Justin Cutler (MA)University of VTM1993Foreman Silver State Interagency HotShot Fire Fighting
Elijah Rottenberg (MA)IthacaA1993Film
Jono Laffond (MA)D1993Chef
Tom Merriott (MA)Greenville TechG1993Aircraft Structures Mechanic Lockheed
Sean Hayes (MA)Prescott College & UMassM1992Wellness Coach at Steward Health Care Network
Noel Louisignau (MA)Manhattan School of MusicD1992Deceased
Field MaloneyPrincetonG1991Entreprenuer
Dave Jaros (MA)Swarthmore (capt)M1990Lawyer/Professor
Amos Blinder (MA)DrewM1990
Devon Evans (MA)Haverford (Capt)A1990Oncologist
David Selover (MA)Johnson & WalesM1990Assistive Tech Coordinator TRIAD Center
Bo Peabody (MA)Williams CollegeM1990Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur
Sean Dacus (MA)UMassM1988General Practitioner
Gil MacLean (MA)St. Lawrence (Capt)A1987Entreprenuer
Jessica Striebel (MA)Mt. Holyoke (Capt)A1987Archaeologist NYC