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About Catamount Lacrosse Club

Catamount Lacrosse is a full year club lacrosse program designed with the intention to allow boys to play as much lacrosse as possible. Clinics, skill sessions, team practices, and tournament play is included. Our home site will be Northwood Park in Rutland Town. 


We teach individual skills as well as team concepts. We want every player to increase skill and lacrosse knowledge.  Not only do we want to help Catamount Lacrosse players play in college, we want them to excel. Every time we step on the field we must respect the game and focus on stick work, athleticism, game understanding, as well as character and integrity. Catamount lacrosse is a commitment. 


Clinics and Sessions
Teams will participate in sessions throughout the year focusing on developing our players skill and lacrosse IQ.  Building strong fluent teams that embody the essence of being a lacrosse family is important in every session. 

 Competitive Tournaments
Catamount Lacrosse teams will compete in the most competitive tournaments throughout the summer and fall. All teams will play in at least 2 highly regarded tournaments in the summer as well as any other INVITATIONAL ONLY opportunities that may arise for that team or individual players. Catamounts Lacrosse will be looking to bring a tournament to the Rutland Area soon. 

Throughout the year all of our teams will have the ability to compete against other premier New England and New York Club programs.

 Catamount Camp Coming Soon – Summer 2022
All Players will have the ability to participate in our Catamount Lacrosse camp to kick off our summer. Camp will be a three-day event. The first week out of school. More Info Coming Soon for Summer 2022 

Catamount Lacrosse Club offers knowledgeable and reputable coaches. We have college coaches, HS coaches, and college players on staff. Meet Our Catamount Coaching Staff

 College Guidance and Recruiting
All players have access to our entire coaching staff to get the most up to date recruiting information. Contacting college coaches and general guidance throughout the recruitment process will be offered to all members of Catamount Lacrosse. We strive to see you at the next level. Catamount Board of Directors

Dear Catamount Families,

I am reaching out to you to let you know that Catamount WILL continue on under the guidance and direction of Coach Rob Labate, former Rutland HS coach!  Rob and his Catamount Board of Directors bring a combined lacrosse experience of over 100 years to share the game we all love. The new home base will be in Rutland VT, and Rob will be taking over!  I will help serve as an advisor through the transition.

We will be setting up the registration system within the next week and getting word out that Catamount will be continuing under the direction and guidance of Rob.  He and I have talked at length and I am excited for this next chapter!  As the details get solidified, we will update you.   This will allow me to step back, but see Catamount continue!  I have great confidence in Rob and his ability to keep Catamount moving forward.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me or Rob at rlabate@catamountlc.com.

So, feel free to spread the word!

Jeff Coulson, Founder
Catamount Lacrosse, est 1990

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