NEBOXLA and Catamount Lacrosse will host the Uncle Sam Jam Sunday January 26th at Knickerbacker Arena in Troy, NY. This is a USBOXLA Sanctioned Round Robin Play Day. Teams include MA/VT based Catamount Lacrosse, MA/RI based Buzzards Lacrosse as well as Empire Lacrosse and the Nation Boys from New York.

Teams will play three 25 minute games and either a championship or 3rd place game.

10:00 Catamount vs Empire
10:35 Buzzards vs Nations Boys
11:10 Empire vs Nations Boys
11:45 Catamount vs Buzzards
12:20 Buzzards vs Empire
12:55 Catamount vs Nations Boys
1:30 3rd Place Game
2:05 Championship Game

Paesan’s Pizza will be on hand with fresh pies for fans to enjoy between the action.