Box Competition returns to Paradise City this Sunday December 15th as Catamount hosts the Pioneer Valley Invitational at AllSport. . Returning Champions Berkshire Attack will be in the building as well as NEBOXLA stalwarts Catamount and the South Coast Buzzards. Newcomers the Aquidneck Cannons from Rhode Island will be throwing their hat in the ring as well. Junior teams play four games and Senior teams play a three game round robin with the top two teams advancing to a Championship Game.

1 Catamount Junior
2 Buzzards Junior
3 Cannons Junior
4 Catamount Senior
5 Buzzards Senior
6 Cannons Senior
7 Berkshire Attack


8:30 1v2
9:00 2v3
9:30 1v3
10:00 1v2
10:30 2v3
11:00 1v3
11:30 4v5
12:00 6v7
12:30 4v6
1:00 5v7
1:30 4v7
2:00 5v6
2:30 Championship