The schedule for the Matty Demaine Tournament next Sunday 12/30/18 is posted below. All games take place at Indoor Action Sports 1385 Bernardston Road in Greenfield, MA.
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We will be holding a gear drive for the Chicopee, MA Middle School which is launching a boys team for the first time this Spring.  Any underused gear you wouldn’t mind parting with can be donated in the bins at the front desk.


Proceeds from this event fund the Matty Demaine Scholarship each year. The 2018 Matty Demaine Scholarship is being awarded to  Liam McNeil from Brattleboro, VT and Nick Porter from Wilder, VT who will both be in attendance. Liam and Nick have both played for Catamount for over three years and will be studying Engineering at Clarkson and RPI respectively.



Red Division
1 Catamount Alums
2 Catamount Black
3 Chubb River River Chubbs
4 Savage Teamwear
Green Division
5 Devil Canes
6 Jackalopes
8 Titletown
9 War Eagles



Field 1   Field 2
12:00 1v2 3v4
12:30 5v6 7v8
1:00 5v9 1v4
1:30 6v7 2v3
2:00 8v9 2v4
2:30 5v7 1v3
3:00 7v9* 6v8
3:30 Red #1v#4 Red #2v#3
4:00 Green #1v #4 Green #2v#3
4:30 Green Final Red Final

*only counts toward seeding of Team 9



-7v7 Format (2 must stay on O side, 3 must stay on D side)

-There are no timeouts

-All Games will start and end on a central horn

-Game starts with a Face-Off.  The remainder of the game is played continuously out of the net.  Officials may call for a face-off at their discretion.

-Whistle to signal a goal. A second whistle signals play may be resumed by the goalie. If goalie jumps second whistle, ball is returned to crease.

NO Takeout checks will be allowed. Play to the ball, not through the man. All other contact, body and stick, will conform to federation rules of play.

-Technical Fouls will only result in the offended team being awarded the ball. NO man down will result.

-Personal Fouls will result in the offended team being give possession at the midfield line. The offending player (no substitute) will start at the midline and on the whistle run to his team’s offensive endline and back to the midline, before becoming an eligible player. This will create an EM advantage for the offended team.

-Taunting will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion.

-Only 2 long sticks allowed on the field at once.

-Each team’s score will be kept by a separate official who will announce that team’s total following each score.

-Seeding determined by: Points (3 for a win, 1 for a tie)> Head to Head>Goal Differential (Capped at 7 per game) > Goals Against > Goals For > Coin Flip